Main Objectives:

The Auditors Association of Southern India, the TAASI, was formed in the year 1940 as a Registered Society. The TAASI was founded by the then practicing Auditors of Coimbatore

  • Spread education on the science and art of accountancy.
  • Diffuse knowledge among members by holding seminars lectures , exhibitions etc
  • To equip CA's to enable them to discharge obligations towards advancement of promotion of trade , commerce and industry
  • Safeguard interests of auditors and accountants by all constitutional means
  • To make representations to various bodies, institutions and governments regarding grievances among members
  • To conduct refresher courses, study circle meetings
  • To maintain, and award prizes, scholarships to deserving students of accountancy by setting up special funds
  • Generally to do all acts necessary to preserve, furtherance and promotion of profession of accountancy and auditing

Started by CA Hariachar in 1940, was ably supported by CA M.S.Jagannathan another doyen of the profession, CA N.C.Rajan, CA M.S.Ramaswami and CA Ranganathan.

The Association grew rapidly and became the first body of Chartered Accountants to own a premises of about 20000 sq.ft in the heart of Coimbatore under the dynamic leadership of Past President CA C G Venkataramanan. It has later on been given a face lift under the dynamic leadership of Past Presidents CA.S.Krishnan . It was under Past President CA P.R.Vittel with CA M.Ramji as secretary during whose period, the academy of commerce was started and the C.Com Course promoted in a big way .

Our members occupied eminent positions in the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India both at the Regional level and at the central level. At the regional council, Four of our life members , CA A Arjunaraj, CA K.Ramaswamy, CA G.Ramaswamy and CA K.Shanmukhasundaram have occupied position of the SIRC Chairman . CA CGV & CA S.Ramachandranhave been members of SIRC. Four of our members namely CA G.Ramaswamy, CA PriyaBhansali, CA RajkumarAdukia , Mumbai & CA K.Raghu, Bengaluru have been elected as central Council Members . Among them, CA G.Ramaswamy became the ICAI President during 2011-12 & CA K.Raghu became ICAI president during 2014-15. We also had a unique honour of having CA M.Gopalakrishnan , our life member, occupying the position of Chairman SIRC of Institute of Cost accountants of india 1996-97 . He also rose up to become the President of Institute of Cost Accountants of India during 2011-12 , the same period as CA G. Ramaswamy's stint in ICAI. During 2011-12, TAASI had two of its life members as presidents in the key institutes.

78 years is a long journey in the history of any organisation. It is however a testimony of resilience of this institution that we remain relevant even today in changing times and will continue to be relevant in the days to come. Our lineage is one of service before self and as our motto says we stand for "VidyaDadhatiVinayam" or in other words, Knowledge breeds humbleness.

Cash Awards, Gold medals and Certificates have been instituted for the rank holders at the CPT, IPCC and Final Examination of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.

With the opening of economy and globalization TAASI has recognized the need to equip graduates, lesser qualified and experienced employees with the knowledge and skills useful to the business in support of the management decision making process. TAASI has started The Academy of Commerce in which a certification course in Commerce (C.Com) has been instituted to impart knowledge and skills useful to business. Topics covered are based on Industry requirement and will help lay person become a full fledged Accountant ready to perform the functions required there of. It has also hosted a National seminar on Taxations Jointly with the All India Tax Payers Federation during the Nineties.